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Region: Crown Center Area

Address: Union Station Kansas City,
30 W Pershing Rd., Kansas City, MO 64108

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Phone: (816) 460-2020

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THE ART OF THE BRICK, a captivating exhibition, featuring intriguing works of art made exclusively from one of the most recognizable toys in the world, the LEGO® brick, is set to make its debut at Union Station on January 25, 2018, in the Bank of America Gallery. Tickets are now on sale. The critically acclaimed collection of creative and inspiring pieces constructed using only LEGO bricks is created by world-renowned contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya. Designed to inspire ingenuity and creativity, THE ART OF THE BRICK is the world's largest and most elaborate display of LEGO art. The massive collection features original pieces as well as re-imagined versions of some of the world's most famous art masterpieces made exclusively from LEGO bricks like Van Gogh's Starry Night and Da Vinci's Mona Lisa as well as a gallery showcasing an innovative, multimedia collection of LEGO brick infused photography produced in tandem with award-winning photographer Dean West. “The Art of the Brick is one of those rare experiences that’s nearly impossible to describe,” George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO, said. “It’s unexpected and inspiring. Massive and intimate. Brilliantly simple and complex all at once. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s a totally unique blend of art, science, engineering and pure imagination – filling 10 complete galleries – and ending with a hands-on creation area in which guests of all ages will be invited to create their own masterpieces. Additionally, the genius behind this work – Nathan Sawaya – will be on-site for the exhibition opening and unveiling of a creation built exclusively for and themed around Kansas City. Watch our Facebook page for an invitation to suggest themes for consideration. Art of the Brick will be with us only for a short time, so I highly encourage guests to visit early, starting January 25th .” Visitors will have the opportunity to get up-close and in-person with the fan favorite, Yellow, a life-size sculpture of a man ripping his chest open with thousands of yellow LEGO bricks cascading from the cavity. In addition, visitors will be able to walk under a 20-foot-long T-Rex dinosaur skeleton made out of bricks and come face-toface with a giant LEGO skull. “THE ART OF THE BRICK takes LEGO somewhere you wouldn’t expect and shows you things you have never seen before,” said artist Sawaya. “The goal with this collection of art is to demonstrate the potential of imagination and the power of creativity

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