Doughnut Lounge by Estorie Photography
Doughnut Lounge Photo by Estorie Photography

By Pete Dulin

Kansas City has no shortage of destinations that can satisfy sweet tooth cravings for donuts and other pastries. Local chain Lamar’s and national chain Krispy Kreme are certainly popular with multiple locations around the city, but plenty of other independent shops have earned a following for their array of donuts.

Donut King

Donut King reigns supreme for its classic and inventive donuts. The no-frills shop offers a view of the kitchen where fried dough happiness is born. The royal counter contains old-fashioned donuts and a rotating variety of Bavarians, Long Johns and fritters. Cake donuts come plain or topped with Fruity Pebbles cereal, coconut, chocolate with peanut, and glazes of mint chocolate, orange iced, and many other flavors. Call ahead to see if peanut butter donuts are in stock. The shop also sells frosted cupcakes.

2320 Armour Rd., North KC

Ridgewood Donuts and Bakery

Operating since 1956, South KC-based Ridgewood Donuts and Bakery makes a superb apple fritter. Long Johns, cinnamon rolls, glazed donuts, cookies and more are worth seeking out but arrive early before they sell out.

4309 Blue Ridge Blvd.

Hana’s Donuts

Hana’s Donuts in the Rosedale/Argentine neighborhood keeps customers supplied with old-fashioned cake donuts, crullers, fritters and the other classics. The bacon maple donut and chocolate donut both earn high marks. For more color in your life, opt for the red velvet, cherry-frosted or rainbow-sprinkled donuts.

2131 S. 34th St.

Doughnut Lounge

Doughnut Lounge by Estorie Photography
Doughnut Lounge Photo by Estorie Photography

The new Doughnut Lounge in Westport aims to expand the universal understanding of doughnuts. The hybrid shop includes a lounge concept replete with fully stocked bar, craft cocktails, beer and wine in the evening and coffee, tea and fresh juice for the morning crowd. Beyond classics like cake and old fashioned doughnuts, look for daring sweet and savory options like double chocolate Nutella, s’more, crème brulee and maple bacon doughnuts. Also, prepare your appetite for comfort food innovations such as a pizza doughnut or a biscuits and gravy doughnut. 

4117 Pennsylvania Ave.

John’s Space Age Donut Shop

John’s Space Age Donut Shop is a beloved local favorite. If the retro logo of a pastry chef riding a blazing rocket through a donut doesn’t make a lasting impression, then a bite of these fresh, light donuts will. Established in 1967 by John and Velma Taylor, the couple’s sons John and Rod still run the shop today. Customers can park and eat at the limited-seating counter or grab-and-go. Warm apple fritters are popular but don’t overlook the glazed, twist, Long John and cake donut options.

8124 Floyd St., Overland Park

Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott

Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott, co-owned and operated by pastry chef Tasha Goellner and her mother Vicki, specializes in pâtisserie such as French macarons and eclairs, signature cakes, cookies, tarts, marshmallows and more. Customers may view and order from their extensive menu or place special orders. Dean and Deluca’s carries their pâtisserie as well. Shipping is available for some items.

Baked in Kansas City

Baked in Kansas City located in the former Napoleon’s Bakery at 706 Westport Road continues a tradition of offering fine European-style pastries and desserts. The expansive glass case holds almond croissant, pain au chocolat, sweet and savory scones, macarons, madeleines, fruit tarts, panna cotta, pot de crème, cakes, petit fours… Get the idea? The bakery also has loaves of bread and serves brunch, if customers need a break from the sweet treats.

706 Westport Road

Wally’s Pastry Shop

Wally’s Pastry Shop, operated by German master pastry chef Manfred Uhl and his mother Martha, specializes in cupcakes and cakes. This nondescript shop in a strip mall north of the river is easy to overlook, but the fanciful baked goods are a delight. The cupcakes are decorated with colorful animals and playful characters. Typically made to order, the multi-tier cakes are decadent and memorable.

3855 N Oak Trfwy.

Le Monde Bakery

Based in the heart of downtown North Kansas City, Le Monde Bakery draws regulars for its pain au chocolate, huge cinnamon rolls, strudel, flaky palmiere, and delicate croissants (filled with fruit, chocolate, ham and cheese, plain and much more), but also for the soup and sandwich lunch crowd.

308 Armour Rd.

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