Trivia at Border Brewing Company

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Recurring Weekly
Time: 6:30pm


Region: Downtown

Address: 512 East 18th street, Kansas City, MO 64114

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Phone: 8164695287
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Join us in the taproom for trivia hosted by Harrison Schmidt!
$5/ per person cash buy-in, 1st and 2nd place teams split a pot for CASH PRIZE!
This will be fun, fast paced general trivia with focus on team participation, chances to steal and strategy.
There will be two halves of trivia, a halftime bonus question, and a final jeopardy-style question. Each half will have 6 categories of questions for teams to take turns choosing from and attempting to answer, a correct answer awards that team full points, an incorrect answer allows EVERY other team a chance to steal by writing their answers down on provided whiteboards and holding them up at the same time.
Each team gets a special ability called a SMACK, which allows them to pass off a question to another team to answer, and if that team answers incorrectly, the smacking team gets DOUBLE points, but if the smacked team answers correctly and thwarts the smack, they get the points for the question, smack wisely!
No googling answers, you're better than that!
No limit to team sizes, but larger teams are encouraged to split into smaller teams, as big teams have a harder time communicating effectively. No shouting out answers, please remember to tip your bartender, and GOOD LUCK!

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