Gary Clark Jr.


Time: 8pm


Region: Downtown, Power & Light

Address: 1228 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64105

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Related Organization: The Midland Theatre

Growing up in his hometown of Austin, Texas, Clark initially played and sang with his sisters at family events, performing songs suggested by their dad. Fast forward, and he’s a teen guitar prodigy getting co-signs from Eric Clapton among others. Making his major label debut with the 2011 Warner Records EP The Bright Lights, Clark has since released three studio albums: 2012’s Black and Blu, 2015’s The Story of Sonny Boy Slim and 2019’s This Land. His four Grammy wins include Best Traditional R&B Performance for Blak and Blu’s “Please Come Home”) and Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song and Best Music Video for title track “This Land.”

As he prepares now for the release of JPEG RAW, what does Clark want listeners to take away from his forthcoming album? “Breathe,” he urges. “Then go outside and listen to the birds as you look up at the sky. Appreciate the things you do have. Hopefully, the album resonates with positivity and hope. It’s really not about me, so take me out of the equation. This is yours now.”

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