Among Kansas City’s more than 240 neighborhoods, you’ll find areas that feel like their own mini-cities—each unique with its own history, charm and attractions.

West 39th Street

Decidedly underrated, West 39th Street is a funky collage of culture and cuisine—and one of the most colorful neighborhoods in the city.

West Bottoms

Eclectic is just the beginning in this historic neighborhood where antique shoppers thrive and hipsters vibe. The West Bottoms touts an excellent selection of vintage and preowned stores, as well as atmospheric bars and restaurants; spend a few hours here and you’ll see that it’s on the cusp of some...


Craft and cool are king in Westport. Locals know this destination district for early-morning brunch and late-night entertainment, which keep it bustling throughout the day—while the neighborhood's history dating back to the 1800s stands as a testament to its long-standing appeal.


A historically diverse, multicultural area with Latino and Mexican-American influences, Westside brims with metro gems, from local wares to restaurants defining farm-to-table.